Guy Shaked has studied art and music at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem where he completed an M.A. in the Humanities. Guy also has a second M.A., finished with distinction from the Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba. Recently, one of Guy’s academic articles, sheding new light on the Mozart-Salieri rivalary has been publied in the US.


He received an Italian government grant for his articles on various subjects such as Michelangelo’s David, The Math of Traffic Congestion, Psychological Complexes, and Mozart’s music. Shaked published three books, and his 60 online articles, which have been visited over a million times, were cited by C. Wright of Yale and G. Abramson of Oxford as well as by other researchers.

Guy Shaked’s haiku poems have appeared in “Frogpond” (the most prominent haiku magazine outside of Japan), “Haiku News”, “3LIGHTS”, and “World Haiku Review”. In addition, one of Shaked’s haibuns was selected as the editor’s choice of “Contemporary Haibun Online” – Jim Kacian. His haiku in Hebrew has been published in the journals “Moznaim”, “Hachotem”, “Maariv-NRG” and recently “Nanopoetika”.

Last year, Shaked’s musical piece: “The Sparrow”, has been performed in New-York by cellist Suzanne Mueller, and a musical Haiku, was this year recorded by the German QNG Recorders Quartet.

Last updated October 2015